Are you looking for the best WordPress gallery plugin for your site?

There are so many gallery plugins available on WordPress, but the problem is that most of the plugins will slow down your website, or they are deadly difficult to use.

To help you pick the perfect solution, we have created a complete comparison of the performance, quality, and features of The Best WordPress Gallery Plugin.

Our main goal is to help you find the Best WordPress photo and video gallery plugin, that is quick, easy to use, and has all the features that you want.

Our Main Criteria for the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin

In our view, The best WordPress gallery plugin should be easy to use, fast and have all the important features that you need to create attractive galleries (such as lightboxes, image navigation, filter, load more, pagination, etc).

The best gallery plugin should be offering a great user experience and help improve your image SEO as well.

We have hand-picked the most popular WordPress gallery plugins on the market.

In our comparison, we will look at the response, features, ease of use, and reliability of these plugins, Let’s get started with our plugin comparison.

1. Portfolio Gallery Plugin


Portfolio Gallery plugin is really easy to use you will find a separate category page, the user can easily create a portfolio within a minute. This plugin has a super-easy way to create a beautiful and attractive portfolio gallery for your WordPress websites. Portfolio Gallery plugin is fully responsive and works with all devices like Macbook, desktop, and small devices.

Into this plugin just select the filters and Images with a special lightbox and you will found an attractive design of your gallery. that makes a really attractive portfolio filter gallery compare to other plugins. by using this plugin you can Show portfolio gallery with or without a lightbox.

Into the free version of the portfolio plugin, you have a responsive bootstrap lightbox with navigation.
you can also show image title with images and the title will also appear with the bootstrap lightbox on the image bottom. If you don’t want an image with lightbox then you can also link your portfolio for an external project or pages. this is the first portfolio filter gallery plugin in WordPress for a separate category page.


This Plugin has an easy way to create filters for portfolio galleries, Bootstrap Lightbox, Multiple Column Layout (show the portfolio gallery in multiple columns like two columns, three columns, four columns). Also, it is a Numbering feature to show numbering, title on images.

you can make your portfolio gallery with Spacing or Without Spacing and add Attractive Gray Scale to make a beautiful photo gallery with Grayscale effects.

It has a responsive Masonry style with Multi-Color Filters buttons.

In growth to a variety of different gallery types, these plugin premium versions also add more advanced features.


2. NextGEN Gallery Plugin


NextGEN Gallery is the popular gallery plugin at It continues to receive over 1.5 million new downloads per year, along with great overall reviews. It’s developed by Imagely, photography experts who know the industry well.

The gallery free version of NextGEN provides two gallery styles (slideshows and thumbnail gallery) and different two album styles (extended and compact), all of which come with a wide parade of options for controlling the size, style, transitions, timing, controls, lightbox effects, and more. You can then Enlarge it with various premium bundles. and also you have access to a bunch more interesting templates.


NextGEN Gallery Plugin is the oldest plugins, and it comes with a detailed list of features.

Many of the features that are available as addons in NextGEN gallery. There are also premium add-ons with more features that you can add and install.

Most NextGen features require a certain level of familiarity with the plugin. Users will need some time to figure things out, reading the documentation, and posting questions in support forums.


3. FooGallery Plugin

best wordpress plugin foo gallery

FooGgallery takes a similar approach as the Envira Gallery and Modula. They use a simple user interface that looks and feels like WordPress.

After uploading your photos, you can adjust the gallery settings in great details below the images.

This plugin also makes it easy to insert photo galleries. You can use the built-in Gutenberg block, shortcode, or sidebar widget to display your photo galleries anywhere in WordPress. It also adds a button on top of the Classic Editor to select and insert galleries.

Unlike NextGEN Gallery, FooGallery does not show the template tag to insert your galleries into theme files or templates.


FooGallery comes with a lot of powerful features however it is not mobile responsive out of the box. You can choose the responsive template to add a responsive photo gallery.

Another feature that we missed is the lightbox. You can install the free WordPress Foobox plugin to add lightbox functionality, but we felt that it should have been packaged with the basic gallery plugin.

FooGallery Plugin also comes with extensions that you can add and install to add more features such as custom branding, cube effect, lightbox, and more.


4. Modula Image Gallery


Modula Image Gallery uses a similar viewpoint to create new photo galleries. You can easily upload your files or select them from the media library to create an attractive photo gallery.

Into this plugin Below the images, you will find all gallery customize settings in tabs. From here you can change gallery theme, lightbox, style, and other settings.

To insert a gallery into WordPress posts and pages, you will need to copy the gallery short-code and insert it using the Shortcode block into the Gutenberg editor.

There are no sidebar widgets or Gutenberg blocks at the moment to make it easier for users to insert Galleries.


Modula is the unique of all plugins on our list, so they do not have the Developed features. However, the plugin does cover all the basic features you want from a WordPress gallery plugin like lightbox, popup, social sharing, custom styles, grid layouts, etc.

It comes with a traditional grid feature which allows you to use a simple drag and drop to create your own custom grid for galleries.

This plugin also has a video addon for creating video galleries. However, It is lacking other features like albums, proofing, and gallery templates.


If you’re looking for an easy and fast solution, then Portfolio Gallery and Modula Gallery are both great options for a WordPress gallery plugin.

If you need the advanced features, then Portfolio Gallery and NextGEN Gallery is your best option.

We wish this article helped you choose the best WordPress gallery plugin for your website.

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