WP-Paginate is a popular plugin that gives you some flexibility in offering your readers with some neat navigation features on your website. And by providing more links to your content, it improves SEO.

Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins 2019


In the plugin settings page, you’ll find a CSS tab which you can use to add custom CSS for your pagination links. The later versions of the plugin will also paginate post comments, a useful feature if your blog is receiving a load of comments. After activating the plugin, you’ll need to replace some code in your theme files. You can customize the pagination label, and using code or plain text, you can change the previous and next post links.

A page range option allows you to set the number of links to display before and after the current page. A pro version supports multi-sites and includes eleven ready-made layouts and a customizer.



Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins 2019

The plugin adds a new tab under Settings from where you can customize the text for the current, first and last pages, and for the number of pages to display. You can set the number of pages and customize the indicators for the next and previous pages. A few options are available to style the pagination, and you can make changes from the default style by clicking on a drop-down. It’s not necessary to display all serial numbers consecutively, you can display numbers in multiples such as 5, 10, 15. This can be helpful if the number of pages on your blog is really huge. A further option is to use your own CSS to style pagination to be in line with your blog’s theme.


Pagination Styler for WooCommerce

Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins 2019


For every online store and eCommerce platform that runs on WooCommerce, you can now fully style your pagination. And there is no need to perform any type of coding to make it happen. By simply installing and activating Pagination Styler for WooCommerce plugin, you can get things moving forward without hassle. You pretty much have complete creative freedom when designing and fine-tuning the pagination section of your online store.

Some of the features of this plugin include custom pagination, text, and color. Moreover, you can also change the look and tailor it to your branding regulations precisely. While many times keeping things as simple as possible wins, all the other occasions you want to customize your webspace to the very last detail. Bear in mind, if you would truly like to take your WooCommerce pagination to a new degree, take the plunge and go with the premium version of Pagination Styler for WooCommerce.


CPTA Pagination

Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins 2019


CPTA Pagination is short for custom post type Ajax pagination. In other words, it is a simple to use and free WordPress pagination plugin which does the trick with barely any work and time invested on your end.

The installation and activation process is exactly the same compared to any other plugin you have going on in your WordPress website. From then on, you have two custom options you can take to your advantage. First, CPTA Pagination includes a shortcode for custom post type pagination only. And second, you also have access to a shortcode that creates custom post type pagination with the category.

The tool is quick and straightforward to set up, lightweight and highly effective if you would like to create custom post type Ajax pagination. At the end of the day, it is free of charge, meaning, it costs you nothing to try it out and see how it impacts your existing page.


Page Break

Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins 2019


This one is slightly different compared to the other free WordPress pagination plugin you find in this collection. Instead of adding full-blown pagination to your page and have an option to alter it, Page Break – hence the name – brakes a page or a post. Needless to say, the name says it all. If you have a super long article, it might be wise to break it into different pages.

Upon installation of the Page Break plugin, you will see a button appear in the content editor which you can then utilize to break the post wherever you fancy. The entire method is swift and simple, not really needing any additional explanation. By splitting a long post into several shorter segments, you can experience enhanced bounce rate and improved time-on-page.


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