Social media are now days became a part of our life and it’s like we can’t live without it. From child to adult everyone has their own social accounts. You can see daily updates from everyone’s life, nothings personal anymore. People spent most of their free checking on what others are doing in their life. They forget that they also have an aim to achieve and goals to fulfill.

The rapid growth in social media benefits the companies and enterprises who want to promote their products online. Your social media host is likely to collect your personal information like what you like, what you want or what you are searching for, however, they collect it without your permission and that’s illegal right!! violating your privacy. But this is how the social media market works they collect your information and use it to show you the relevant products or services that you are looking for in the past.

There are many popular websites who can give a boost to your sales by promoting your product on their network. If you want quick attention to your product this is the best way to get it. Although every social media platform charges some amount of money for promotions but that is nothing compare to the results you get after your ad is published.

To save your time in search of the best platforms for promotion, we did some digging and come with the list of top 10 social media websites and platforms here for you.


1. Facebook


Facebook is the world’s most popular product promoting platform which has over 2.2 million MAUs (Monthly Active Users) worldwide. That is almost 3rd of the world’s population. There is approx 65 million active business using Facebook pages to show their collection of products and also more than 6 million advertising user who promote their business.

Facebook supports almost every type of data you want to display like images, text, videos, stories, and banners. The latest changes in the Facebook algorithm makes it point out the content that starts the conversation and that makes the meaningful interaction between people.

Kept that in mind that to optimize your stuff mobile-friendly because 94 percent of the user use mobile phones to access Facebook.

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2. YouTube



YouTube is the video-sharing based platform where you can post any type of videos. The viewer can watch your videos and like, comment and video share them with others. You can create your own YouTube channel to start uploading your branding or promotional videos to promote your products. Users will subscribe to your channel if they like your stuff and also ring the bell icon so they can instantly get notification of your newest uploads.

YouTube can also generate your income, if your post is doing good publicity then you can put ads on your videos and each time the ad is clicked the YouTube will pay you Pay Per Click. Many broadcaster and uploaders use YouTube to earn money. The popular you get the more you can earn.

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3. Instagram


Instagram is a social media platform that lets you share photos, images, and videos with others. This platform has 3rd largest MAUs (Monthly Active User) in the world. The rapid growth of the user gives benefits to the business who want to promote their products through paid promotions. The latest new feature IGTV allows the user to upload longer videos.

A business user can create a business profile to showcase and sell their stuff online. You can as well pay to show your products on Instagram. You can also contact other page owners to promote your page or your products.

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4. Qzone


The 4th most popular social networking website is Qzone. The Qzone lets you write a blog, post multimedia, play online games with friends and you can as well decorate your own virtual spaces. Several people on quora say that Qzone is much more popular among teenagers then compared to the adult.

But the increase in mobile phones based like Wechat and Whatsapp seem to have caused a decline in the popularity of desktop-based platforms like Qzone. Still, Qzone managed to have 500+ million active users who still use the Qzone as their primary platform.

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5. Weibo


Weibo is China’s most popular social media platform. It is also known as Twitter for Chinese users because twitter is banned in China. It has very similar features to that of twitter like you can write 140-character microblogging, uploading of multimedia, commenting, and verification of accounts.

The Weibo is launched in 2009 and in just three years after the launch, it crossed mark of 503 million registered users a significant majority of the 640 million Internet users that China holds. Compared to Twitter, Weibo user publishes more post posts than those on Twitter, they also ready to give more personal information about themselves. People are more active to react to other people and also share their personal views.

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6. Twitter


Twitter is a strong social networking platform that has great emphasis on real-time information things that are happening in the present. The platform is used by everyone like celebrities, politicians and other users as well. You can share your views, thoughts, comments on someone’s tweets and show your concern on particular topics.

Twitter is also known as the customer service channel because more than 80% of social customer service happens on Twitter. Many other features like social media customer service tools, like Buffer Reply, available now to help you manage social customer service conversations.

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7. Reddit


Reddit is the discussion forum where users can submit questions, links, and images, discuss them, and vote them up or down. It is more the discussion forum where queries can be answered by anyone. There are dedicated forums known as subreddits for pretty much anything under the one roof.

There are many communities registered on the Reddit which you can join and you can also share your views by publishing the post on the community page.

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8. Pinterest



Pinterest is the place where only those people who want to explore and want to get inspired. The stuff ion Pinterest is very unique and different in all manners. 78% percent of Pinterest users say that content that is available to them is very useful compared to the other platform that provides similar stuff.

Pinterest also has a market-place where you can purchase stuff like designs, images, and other things. If you want to quickly and easily grow your online sales, you need to check out how to sell on Pinterest. You can create an account for your business to sell your products online.

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9. is a Q&A service that gives the user the opportunity to ask and answer controversial questions totally anonymously. The answers can be in any format like the image and video, other than that you even ask the question directly to the person from their profile. The website is fully integrated with famous social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

The user can also invite anyone for their opinion by giving the link to the question or posting on their timelines. Users can even share questions or answers on a user’s profile on Facebook by ‘liking’ them.

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10. Tumblr


Tumblr is a blogging and social networking platform where you can share text, images, audios, videos and more. The blog you see on Tumblr can look just like any other website. Various blogs that you came across online are might be powered by Tumblr.

Tumblr is also a good place if you want to promote your products, many popular brands like Calvin Klein, Adidas and Comedy Central are already thriving on the network. There less competition compared to the other social networks which are beneficial for any new business startup.

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