Blogging is considered to be the best way to give voice to your thoughts. It is the best way to express your emotions or share the knowledge you want the world to know. Nowadays millions of people do blogging and have their own blogging website. Most commonly people use a famous platform where they can easily write and publish their blogs. Blogging has become so popular that the blogger has started to give advice on writing your content and making it attractive. It is becoming the profession of the people and they can actually earn by writing a blog.

Although, blogging is not a cup of tea for everyone. It takes time and a lot of thinking as well as researching before starting your own blog. There are a few things that you need to remember before start writing. Firstly you need a topic on which your blog is based and second, your content needs to be good and straight forward. Voila, you are a blogger. Hold on, you still got a long way to go.

Now, lets cut to the chase and come on the real topic. Here we are talking about the most famous and top-rated blogging platform that can give a boost to your blogging career. However, the list of blogging websites is very long so we have shortened it for you after doing some research. Now all you have to do is to find an appropriate platform and give it a go.



1. WordPress-org is one of the leading platforms that provide you with everything you need to create all types of blogging websites. Many famous websites like the New Yorker, Boing Boing, the Chicago Bulls, BBC America, Beyonce, Vogue, and The Rolling Stones got one thing in common they made their official blogs with The amazing fact is that it powers around 25% of blogs on the web. But just don’t get confused between open-source CMS and hosted blogging software Although, it takes some time to learn fully about it. But that’s the cost of owning a professional blog website. It gives you full control of your blog site free of cost which other sites won’t offer.


  • Open-source platform
  • Free of Cost
  • Fully Customizable
  • Free Hundreds of Themes and Plugins
  • Content Copyright

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2. Wix

2. Wix

The Wix is the widely recognized popular web building platform that offers tons of design options, founded in 2006. The platform is budget-friendly so that it doesn’t hurt your pocket. Later in 2012, Wix switches from the Adobe Flash to HTML5 which was a very strategic move that increased its user directly to 25 million at the time. The free version of Wix provides you with all the necessary ingredients to create your very first blog site. But for more, you can upgrade to Connect Domain that allows you to use your own domain. Moreover, if you want to be freed from native advertisement you can upgrade to Combo offer. Especially for bloggers, Wix offers a blog builder solution for you to easily start your own blogging website.


  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Classic Website Editor
  • Recall Older Versions of Website
  • Third-party Apps
  • Design Templates
  • Mobile Site Building Tool

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3. WordPress-com is also one of the most popular freemium platforms to jumpstart your blogging website in no time. Site is launched in 2005. Don’t get confused about a similar site named It has over 50 million users who used the platform for building their blog sites. It’s hard to keep track of how many users are actively using it, but it definitely the first choice of many users. Moreover, it provides a free blog hosting site service, so you are not required to worry about downloading and installing software. But one of the demerits is that you don’t always have 100% control over your blog.


  • Ease of use
  • Free Theme Availability
  • 3GB of Free Space
  • Free Blog Hosting

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4. Weebly

4. Weebly

Weebly started its journey as a student project back in 2006 that become famous and outgrew the boundaries of college. Today Weebly is so popular that it counts more than 40 million websites. Some of the famous blogging sites are created using Weebly. All thanks to its beginner-friendly builder that allows users to make a website in less than a few hours. It easy to get started firstly choose from about fifty themes then you can edit text blocks, add sliders, galleries, videos, and much more. Moreover, adding new pages, navigation menus, and choosing color schemes is as easy as selecting elements in the builder. With all these features, Weebly is an excellent choice for a beginner who wants to start a free blog.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • SEO options
  • Centralized support
  • 50 Free Themes
  • Good for Small Businesses

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5. Blogger-com is one of the oldest free blogging websites that allow the user to create their own blog space. The site is founded in the year 1999, the oldest blogging website that is still active. But later on in the year 2003, the site is acquired by Google and that event still affecting the way users are working with Blogger. The site is easy to use and completely free of cost. Although, you can somewhat monetize it through ads. But customization options are limited. The site is alive for more than a decade. Lots of bloggers are familiar with the website and used it.

The website doesn’t offer much when it comes to professional blogging. It is only recommended for people who see blogging as their hobby.


  • Everything is free
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100% uptime supported by Google

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