Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are one of the most useful parts of any business. Being able to track their customers, generation lead, contact history, and so much more is needed to run an efficient business, especially online. However, you do not want to use any external platforms like HubSpot or ZoHo. If you want to keep things in your own WordPress dashboard, there are many options that you can choose from, which will keep money flowing and customers will be happy.

1. vCita CRM and Lead Management


The vCita plugins are very impressive. So it should not be surprising that they also have a CRM plugin. A part of their small business management suite, CRM tools are full-featured and robust, you can also take payments, start a conversation with customers, then send messages with them and try to organize meetings conveniently and fluently We do. Track your journey through the process so that they can be a funnel for the right person in your team.

vCita does not make the simplest software, so you may need to take some time to learn how things work and the details are being sorted, but when your WP back-end Will be connected to vCita you will see an incredibly powerful platform that will not disappoint.

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WP-CRM actually looks like: a CRM for WordPress well named, right? As the plugin page says, “Your WP control panel can be used effectively to manage all your customers, vendors, partners, affiliates, etc.” By using the base WordPress user system, the CRM plugin lets you give information that you already have the prospect, and you can use it better by default. You can manage correspondence and message, add labels and features to them so that you can filter the results and find what you need, and more. If the free plugin is not enough for you on the repository, then there are add-ons that you can buy to expand the functionality of the CRM in your dashboard. And if you have something that is not in the system that has not been added, then there is an open Github repo. In this way, you can contribute to the project.

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3. UpiCRM


At their core, the Customer Relationship Management system is actually a fancy contact form and email system. They keep track of the general history of their communication with you, when, and whom they talked about. UpiCRM takes that base and walks with it. Due to having around 14 Gazillion contact forms on repo, the utensil facilitates heavy lifting. By integrating with all the major players (“WP Forms, Contact Form 7, Contact Form 7 DB, Gravity Form, Ninja Form, CalderaForms, Cforms” and more according to the plugin page), Upi is free to work on CRM features Most matters for Relationships and Lead Generation. Honestly, UpiCRM is one of your fleshed-out CRM which can be in your WP dashboard. You have analytics, user funneling, hierarchy, tracking, external lead aggregation. Plus team set-up and collaboration, customer lifecycle, and more And did we mention it for free? This is right. There are zero reasons for not giving it a shot.

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4. Perfex


Perfex is a premium CRM which comes in $59 on CodeCanyon. Although you do not have it. Because in this example, you definitely get what you pay. The invoicing software is one of the major attractions, and at the top, there is a ticketing system where you can track customer inquiries and communications along with support issues. External CRMs like Hubspot, Perfex can track time so that you can effectively bill, track your leads and import them from different places, and also handle them, and team- Based proposal, so that you can know what stage of the process with everyone. Surveys, goal tracking, and even internal messages/memos/announcements can be found by your team. In addition, Perfex uses custom fields for customer data and leads, so you already know how to work with the moment you install it. With reports and user/employee privileges, if you want an affordable CRM that can compete with Big Names, check out the effect.

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WP ERP is not just a CRM. It is a full business manager who is simply involved in the main part of the CRM. The plugin page for WP ERP says that the plugin comes with three main parts: HR Management, CRM, and Accounting – with project management available through an add-on. It is a free plugin on In the free edition of WP ERP, You know about the programs, reports, and life stages of different contact groups and their relationships with you for contact management and filtering, users and customers and employees Walks For some users, they are a key point of why they need a CRM. In premium versions, which have 5 levels, you can get integration with HubsSpot, MailComp, Salesforce, and Wyomcom Sync, Gravity Forms, as well as customers and customers with extras such as SMS messaging.

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Wrapping Up

You will hardly find any feature missed from these CRM platforms, and most of them are made very well and will suit all your needs. Some have decades of experience, while others are new but not fully supported. They are all normally external platforms that take you away from your WP admin dash. However, if you want to keep everything in one place, then use WP completely and still keep your team and customers in the right order, one of these CRM plugins for WordPress will definitely fit in according to your needs.


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