JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

This JavaScript Code Snippets extension was created by Charalampos Karypidis and This extension with more than 2million downloads and Active installed 2,947,728. Each front-end developer works mostly with JavaScript. To speed up my Javascript code, I use code snippets extension. It also supports .ts, .tsx and .jsx files and supports ES6 syntax.



Every developer knows NPM Extension – the Node Package Manager. This is official Node Package Manager support on VS Code. This npm extension helps you to manage your Package.json. It flags warnings for dependencies that are defined but not activate or the ones that are installed but not defined in the package. It also provides for a quick run of npm extension commands with easy shortcuts.


CSS Peek

CSS Peek Extension was created by Pranay Prakash and CSS Peak extension helps you when working markup language class strings and IDs by identifying and enumerating the different styles that are. CSS Peek extension support .html and .js files. It helps to quickly find and check styles applied for selected class and id. It’s profitable for developers who don’t like to switch between different files or split the screen. This is a very useful extension as it saves us a lot of time going back and forth HTML and CSS files and also comes in handy for developers that do not enjoy having split screens.



This ESLint extension was created by Dirk Baeumer. This ESLint extension with 7,938,623 active installs is the best tool for it if you develop with JavaScript code.
If you want to create a friendly and clean code, it’s a good idea to install ESLint into your VS Code. Here is for all the linting for your Javascript code and JSX. It is one of the most downloaded extensions in the VS Code with almost 24 million downloads.


Debugger for Chrome

This “VS Code – Debugger for Chrome” extension was created by Microsoft and this most useful and popular extension. If you are bored of switching from files in the code editor to debugging console in the browser, it’s a great extension for you. This is Chrome’s official debugger plugin for VS Code. Currently one of the most useful extensions on the VS Code marketplace. and every developer uses this extension mostly.



This “Vetur” extension was created by Pine Wu and This is the official Vue js extension on VS Code. It has almost 20 million downloads and 3,989,929 active installs, and it brings a lot of functionalities like code snippets, linking and error checking, formatting, debugging or highlighting the syntax. It looks very impressive. This is really cool if you are a Web developer like me!



This “Vetur” extension was created by Esben Petersen and It has almost 14 million downloads and 5,311,510 active installs, Prettier from Esben Petersen is a pretty neat extension It removes real styling and puts on the consistent code style.

This very popular and useful extension by Esben Petersen. It currently boasts of having almost 14 million downloads. It helps format the Javas-cript code, and colors keywords to make your code easily readable.


Live Server

This “Live Server” extension was created by Ritwick Dey. and It has almost 23,074 users.
This Creator who also created Live Sass Compiler extension creates a local development server right in Visual Studio Code to serve your static and dynamic Websites. Using the go-live button in your editor you can serve your code right away and the live server extension also supports live reloading.



This “Beautify” extension was created by HookyQR and It has almost 4,314,312 active installs, Last but not least in this collection comes Beautify Extension, another great extension for code formatting much like Prettier. This extension is very useful and a great extension. Almost 12 million downloads speak for themselves and you can format code written in JavaScript, and JSON and CSS, Sass, and HTML.



These are just a few extensions out of thousands and thousands of more, and I hope it provides you with some very good tools to help you writing high-quality code and become a better web developer. In the above article, we have shared the best extensions for Visual Studio Code. Let me know in the comments box if you find something useful or have other suggestions for extensions you think are first class.


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